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Since 2007, BankM - representative office of flatex Bank AG (Frankfurt am Main, Germany) is the partner of small and mid-sized enterprises. Unlike Anglo-American style investment banking organizations, we use traditional relationship banking principles to support high-growth companies.

BankM's service-portfolio includes, among other things, advisory and financing of listed and private companies in the wide fields of equity finance, debt financing, debt advisory and M&A. BankM - FinTech Group Bank AG is a team of professionals with a personal interdisciplinary experience of more than 200 years from over 250 transactions (including more than 40 IPOs and 50 mergers & acquisitions). In addition to classical capital market instruments, BankM - FinTech Group Bank AG also supports clients expanding into the Asian region with a strong China desk. BankM - FinTech Group Bank AG hereby specializes in the identification of suitable strategic partners in China, thus significantly increasing transaction security as well as the likelihood of future success in the Chinese market.


Media Partner



Since 2002 the financial news site www.4investors.de provides an extensive overview of the German stock market. In addition to DAX shares the editorial team predominantly focuses on small and mid caps. Furthermore, the editors report about initial public offerings (IPO), listings, the issuing of bonds (IBO) and capital increases. By this 4investors.de offers one of the most detailed coverage of IPOs and IBOs in Germany. The independent editorial team places further emphasis on the subjects biotech, renewable energy and raw materials. The editors of 4investors.de do not give any recommendations. It is their credo to remain neutral.

Chart analysis about interesting shares are published on a daily basis. CEOs and CFOs regularly give exclusive interviews to the experienced journalists. Market reports, analyst views, comments and news complete the contents of 4investors.de. Banks and financial experts use the portal for publishing columns about various business and economic topics.Many German web pages appreciate the work of www.4investors.de and publish the reports of the editorial team on their pages. 


dpn - Deutsche Pensions- & Investmentnachrichtendpn

dpn - Deutsche Pensions- & Investmentnachrichten ist das erste Magazin, das sich dem Informationsbedarf deutscher institutioneller Investoren, Vermögensverwalter und der betrieblichen Altersvorsorge widmet. In deutscher Sprache veröffentlicht, informiert dpn seine Leser zuverlässig und objektiv über neue Marktchancen und Anlagetrends sowie über Forschung und Statistik zu den deutschen Vermögensverwaltungs- und Rentenmärkten. Sechs Ausgaben im Jahr werden seit seiner Einführung im Jahr 2001 veröffentlicht. Seine qualifizierten Autoren bieten exklusive Einblicke in das institutionelle Vermögensverwaltungs- und Rentenmanagement.



Published by the renowned F.A.Z. Publishing Group, “FINANCE” provides exciting insights into the finances of large and medium-sized companies – both in the magazine of the same name as well as on the online portal. For the past almost 18 years, the “FINANCE” editorial team has been in close and critical dialogue with CFOs, banks and the broader financial community. It provides entertaining and informative financial journalism of the highest standard, as proven by the numerous journalist prizes awarded to the “FINANCE” editorial team.


GoingPublic Media AG
GoingPublic Media AG


Das GoingPublic Magazin startete 1997. Die Zeitschrift beleuchtet für Emittenten die Being Public- und Investor Relations-Trends und stellt alle relevanten Kapitalmarkt-Neuerungen vor. Führende Sozietäten gestalten über Fachbeiträge den Sektor „Tax & Legal“, Entwicklungen im Bereich der öffentlichen Übernahmen bis hin zum Going Private finden ihren Niederschlag im Bereich „M&A“.
Über den Kapitalmarktzugang für kleinere Unternehmen im deutschen Freiverkehr/Open Market berichtet das Magazin genauso wie über den US-amerikanischen Neuemissionsmarkt sowie die wichtigsten Branchen- und Investmenttrends weltweit. Der Titel „GoingPublic“ steht für die Königsklasse des Corporate Finance-Geschäfts und ist die führende Publikation für Börsengänge im deutschsprachigen Europa. Daneben versteht sich das Magazin als bedeutendste Being Public-Plattform und Mittler zwischen Emittenten sowie institutionellen Anlegern, Dienstleistern und Financial Community.




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DVFA is the Society of Investment Professionals in Germany, founded in 1960. Currently, DVFA has more than 1,400 individual members representing over 400 investment firms, banks, asset managers, consultants and counselling businesses. DVFA assures the credibility of the professionals and the integrity of the market by offering internationally recognised qualification programmes, by providing platforms for professional financial communication, and by effective self-regulation.

Via EFFAS, the umbrella organisation of European Analysts‘ Societies, DVFA offers access to a pan-European network with more than 17,000 investment professionals in 27 nations. Via ACIIA, the Association of Certified International Investment Analysts, DVFA is part of a worldwide network of more than 100,000 investment professionals.

DVFA GmbH as provider of training programmes and courses is a limited company owned by DVFA e.V. Since 1987, more than 5.000 graduates have received a degree from DVFA in one of our postgraduate-programmes. About 250 candidates are currently enrolled with DVFA per year. More than 150 tutors are under contract, practitioners from the financial industry as well as academics and professional trainers.